Welcome to European Masters Ultimate Club Championships 2022 in Wrocław!

Welcome to European Masters Ultimate Club Championships 2022 in Wrocław!

The city of Wrocław (Poland) has already hosted a few great Ultimate Frisbee events, like EYUC 2019 and EUFC 2015 and 2018. The fields welcomed some of the greatest players attending The World Games back in 2017. Now, the time has come for yet another big event – European Masters Ultimate Club Championships. Get ready for 3 days of Ultimate Frisbee in it’s full bloom. Read along and learn how to stay in the loop with all things Masters.

European Masters Club Championships overview

European Masters Ultimate Club Championships 2022 wouldn’t be possible without the European Ultimate Federation. The event starts on 6th May and ends on 8th May, powered by Duch Gry. The games take place on 4 fields at Pola Marsowe, which are well-known amongst the players, who attended Ultimate Frisbee events in Wrocław in the past.

EMUCC 2022 has 29 teams in three categories: Mixed Masters, Open Masters and Open Grandmasters. Unfortunately, there is no Women’s Masters category this year. You can learn more about the attending teams at EUF’s Ultimate Central page for EMUCC 2022.

Mixed Masters division has 16 club teams and all of them are in for some intense Ultimate games! Starting this Friday, the schedule is quite packed and unforgiving! The club teams represent countries such as: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and UK. The front-runners of EMUCC 2022 in this division are PUC Ultimate and Reading Ultimate. On their first game, PUC will face off with Wizards of Ost at 11:20. At the same time, Reading Ultimate will compete against Marmota!

While Open Masters might not be as staggering in number as Mixed, it’s equally fierce! The division features 7 teams. They represent countries such as: Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Switzerland. The fan favourites at European Masters this year are Silence v3.3 and Goldfingers Ultimate Club. You can expect the first pools in this division at 9:30 am. Silence v3.3 will play against XL Masters, while Goldfingers will go up against Uprising.

Last, but not least, the Grand Master Open! The tournament hosts 6 club teams. They represent Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and UK. The teams to look out for are Silence v4.0 and Zimmer. In their first game, Silence v4.0 will go up against GAUL – Germany Alltime Ultimate Lovers, while Zimmer will play their first game against Oida.

For all games schedules make sure to visit EMUCC 2022 – Schedule.

Follow the unfolding events of the weekend

Throughout the weekend you’ll be able to track the Masters Championships thanks to a few sources. Make sure to follow them for post, stories and video from the games.

Life Hack for the Players

On Friday, please, use ONLY the car entry from Paderewskiego street. See the parking on the map attached below!
Park where the orange arrow points firstly. There is a speedway game at the Stadium. If you leave the complex site after 12pm, you might not be able to return. Entry password for the sport complex gate: Frisbee.

European Masters Ultimate Club Championships 2022 parking info
Follow the orange arrow for parking space at European Masters Ultimate Club Championships!

Meet European Masters Ultimate Club Championships 2022 Partners

European Masters Ultimate Club Championships 2022 Partners

Check back for the daily summaries throughout the weekend. Make sure to follow the above-mentioned social media accounts! First games start in just a few hours.

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