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EYUC 2019 (Day 4) – u20 gold bracket is revealed

EYUC 2019 (Day 4) – u20 gold bracket is revealed

On the third day of EYUC 2019 we stepped on the breaks just a bit. The youngsters at u17 and mixed u20 got a day off. That makes us wonder what mischief they were up to. The u20 men’s and women’s division entered the next phase of the tournament – by the end of the day, we found out who will reach the championship bracket.

?U20 Men’s

In the men’s division, everything is set for the quarters. There are two undefeated teams in the power pools – France and Italy. The last games to decide who will remain in the race for the gold were very intense.

?Power pool Y (Italy, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Slovenia)

The morning game between Poland and Ireland at the Olympic Stadium was an important one for the Polish team. The victory would mean that they can still count in the run for the quarterfinals. The Irish were not going to give it up either. The fan zone filled with the boys in green boosted their confidence. The Polish played with ease, but a few mistakes lead the Irish to almost catching up with the score. Poland had to regain their focus and calm. Near the end, the game was heating up. Despite the brave fight, the Irish lost to the Polish 8 to 11.

The situation in the pool was mostly predictable. The Czech had a chance to be second, but they lost in the universe point with Belgium after winning first half 8-1. Poland’s victory over Ireland complicated Slovenia’s situation even more. Even though they won with Poland today, they still lost their previous matches with Ireland and the Czech Republic. The Polish and Slovenian game had quite a few injuries mostly on the Slovenian side.

?Power pool X (France, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark)

Another great game was taking place not far from the stadium. The French were facing Germans. Both teams looked strong and ready to do their best to win. They also presented good zone defence. It was clear that Germans were more into the careful, thought-through game. The French decided to take a more edgy approach with fast and risky overheads to advance up the field. The game had some of the best ultimate with good defence highlights and smart offensive tactics.

Germany vs Great Britain – show for end the day

The game for the second place in pool X was an amazing showcase of hard-played athletic ultimate and was a thriller to the very end. The Germans had a slight advantage at the end of the second half, but the British managed to catch up and they reached the universe point situation starting off in offence. The final point was very dramatic, have a look! Actually, the player that caught the crucial point got injured after the spontaneous celebration of his teammates and didn’t make it to the spirit circle after the game. Watch out when you celebrate your goals!

✨Universe point Great Britain vs Germany U20

Pool Z (Israel, Slovakia, Russia, Austria)

Israel proved to be the best in lower pool games, with no loss and will have the best position in 9th place race.

? Quarterfinals

U20 men`s division playoffs ?

France ?? vs Czech Republic ??
Germany ?? vs Belgium ??
Great Britain ?? vs Poland ??
Italy ?? vs Sweden ??

? Tuesday’s “Fame in the frame”

??U20 Women’s

Alike men’s division, there are two undefeated teams in women’s – Czech Republic and France. 4 teams from each pool secured their places in quarters. Wednesday is a free day for the whole division, so the teams will plan sightseeing Wrocław, team-building activities or trainings on free fields.

Pool A (Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Slovenia, Ireland)

The first game of the pool today took place at the Stadium, as Ireland faced Great Britain. The beginning was very slow with both teams making a lot of mistakes. It was a game of errors. Each point ended with one of the teams scoring. The players made too many untimely or too risky throws. Great Britain took advantage of the mistakes and turned them into goals. Both teams had a good, positive attitude during the game. In the end, the score was 15 – 6. You can watch the retransmission of the game at Fanseat.

Czech team looks very confident and organised from the beginning of the tournament. They fought through some close games (universe vs Slovenia, 15:13 vs GB), but remained the only undefeated team in the pool A. Czechs may not be the most athletic, but their crafty zone look and good mental game, helped them beat both Germany and Austria today.

Pool B (France, Sweden, Russia, Italy, Israel, Poland)

In the other pool, nobody has found a way to stop France, with only Sweden and Russia getting closer than 3 points to them. 5 of French players play for the same high school team, that has just won High School World Championships two months ago. The other players are from Dijon – the team that beat YAKA in the final of French Nationals Indoor this year. These girls seem to know how to deal with pressure situations. We will keep our eyes on tricolores in the bracket play.

? Quarterfinals

European Youth Ultimate Championships 2019 qualified teams to quarterfinals in U20 women`s division ?

Czech Republic ?? vs Slovenia ??
Sweden ?? vs Germany ??
France ?? vs Great Britain ??
Austria ?? vs Russia ??

Chill zone activities

The additional activities were Parkour, Soap bubbles and Body drumming. Check out social networks and Duch Gry channel for more content on this topic. Tomorrow you can take part in yoga at 9 and 11 am. You’ll have the chance to make a dream catcher once again at 1 pm or play the kajo drums at 3 pm.

At 11:30 you can join the european fan zone in the tent, to watch first Eurostars game on the tour in USA!

?Watch games live on Fanseat

Tomorrow it will be all about u17 and mixed u20. Streams from Olympic Stadium in Wrocław is briught to you everyday by Fanseat! Available also on pay-per-view subscription (one game).

And now go jump to bed to get ready for the upcoming games!
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