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EYUC 2019 (Day 5) – the joy escalates

EYUC 2019 (Day 5) – the joy escalates

Wednesday games at EYUC hosted u17 Men, Women and u20 Mixed divisions. The u20 men and women had their day off for regeneration. The youngest generation of European players showed, how the future of ultimate frisbee may look like!

Inches… | photo: Quentin Dupre la Tour

U20 Slovenia VS Italy

Only two games from u20 took place today. One of them was Slovenia vs Italy women’s. This match can be called the match of the day. Italy forced the opponent to chase the score. They played a lot of zone D in today’s windy weather. The game was the most offensive, often ending with a goal. Slovenia had a fierce offence line with Petrovic as a handler and Aurora Lesnik as a popper. During the whole game, this promising player made 7 layouts! There were not many hucks or breaks, but the ending brought out the best in both teams. During the universe point, Slovenia managed to beat Italy. It’s hard to describe the enormous happiness and joy of the Slovenian team. Italian girls, on the other hand, had a lot of trouble maintaining the tears after this close game. You can see the point on our Instagram. After 2 universe point losses, Slovenia managed to win at last.

U17 Women

In u17 women’s division, all 9 teams play in one pool. Before the games today started, Hungary was the only team with no losses. However, they still had to go up against France and Italy.

Hungary vs France

France played with a lot of fast swings, which sometimes resulted in a turnover. Hungary, on the other hand, had a more static offence, always looking for their main handler with number 17. Both teams tried the zone defence. The game gradually became more challenging. The Hungarians were leading with confidence, but the French started to slowly advance with the score. The Hungarian players saved the disc a few times in the key moments maintaining the control over the game. Surprisingly, it was France who ended up victorious after a comeback at the end of the game.

Hungary vs Italy

The Italian team showed up to the game full of energy and motivation. They were singing and cheering during the whole game. The win could guarantee them a spot in the finals of the u17 women’s division. The Hungarians seemed focused and calm and weren’t intimidated by loud Italians. They scored 3 breaks in the first half almost effortlessly. The second half was more in Italian favor, and the game turned into a close one with Hungary winning 11 to 10.

In the traffic | Foto: Nadja Kappel

U20 Mixed

The morning game at the stadium started with Latvia going up against the Netherlands. The former team seems unbeatable. During the match, the Dutch had to chase the Latvians, but they easily went through the Dutch zone. The final moments of the game brought a few turnovers. Latvia scored the last point and won 15-9.

Later that day the Netherlands faced the Hungarian mixed team. Neither of them wanted to give up. As a result, the majority of the game was a score for score, leading up to the universe point. Hungary won yet again and may be quite sure of second place in the pool.

The game was in favour of the Spanish, who played confidently from the beginning to the end. EUtopia scored just two points through the whole game but still kept fighting. The game seemed mostly one-sided. It was an important win for the Spanish, to keep their medal ambitions alive.

Battle in the air | photo: Quentin Dupre la Tour

U17 Men’s

Austria vs Italy

Italy during its morning game played against Austria and looked much stronger on the field. Their advantage was great, almost telepathic communication. The Italian coach mentioned that they’d like to play their next game against Great Britain. Italy easily went through the Austrian zone. They had some risky ideas which worked. Austria was not afraid to huck at every opportunity. They weren’t about to give up. The game ended with the score 15 to 7 for the Italian team.

Germany vs Great Britain

Germany came with strong fan support from the German fans and the Irish team. The game seemed a bit like a repeat from the previous day. Leading up to the half time Great Britain caught up with Germany with a strong offence. They took advantage of some mistakes done by the Germans. The match was a close one with great offence and defence highlights. In the end, it was the Germans who triumphed, winning 12 to 10.

Secure your catches | photo: Nadja Kappel

It’s quarterfinals time!

The next step for the teams are the quarterfinals. We already know that France will face the Netherlands. The next pair is Isreal and Germany. Italy is going to play with Sweden and Belgium with Austria.

European Youth Ultimate Championships 2019 qualified teams for quarter finals in U17 men`s division ?

France ?? vs Netherlands ??
Germany ?? vs Israel ??
Italy ?? vs Sweden ??
Belgium ?? vs Austria ??

In your free time don’t forget to visit the Chill Zone. We’ve Soap Bubbles show, Freestyle and Disc Golf scheduled for you. At 4 pm we’re starting the Trade Night at the Chill Zone, so better don’t miss it!

? Highlights from Day 5 by Fanseat!

? Games to watch on Thursday

If you can’t be in Wrocław and watch EYUC 2019, it’s ok. Fanseat crew is here to bring you high-quality live streams from all the games in Olympic Stadium. And tomorrow the quarterfinals starts!

9.10 am – The Nederlands vs Great Britain | Women’s U17
11.10 am – Quarterfinal #1 | U17 Men’s
1.10 pm – Quarterfinal #4 | U17 Men’s
3.10 pm – Semifinal #2 | U20 Women’s
5.10 – Semifinal #2 | U20 Men’s
7.10 – Semifinal #1 | U20 Men’s

Get Hyped For The Bracket! ??

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