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EYUC 2019 (Day 3) – The plot thickens…

EYUC 2019 (Day 3) – The plot thickens…

Going right into the third day of the Championships we’ve experienced pretty much all weather conditions. From glaring sun, the cloudy sky to rain. It was a perfect day to put into use the zone defence skills. After today games we’ve got more of a clear picture of which teams are going to make it to the top. Today we took a closer look at two divisions – U20 Men’s and U20 Mixed.

Germany is one of the main title contenders in Men’s U20 | photo: Klara Lipertova

U20 Men’s

With 16 teams at the tournament, the top pool looks unbeatable so far. The following days we will keep an eye on Italy, France, Germany and Belgium. With no losses for each of them, we can already say that the upcoming encounters will be fierce!

France seems strong

Yesterday we spotted France going up against Great Britain. The team was unstoppable with powerful D’s and formidable zone defence. We’ve caught up with team France coach, Trestard Cedric, to ask them about their yesterday game.

What are your impressions about the game against GB?

? We thought the game would be a physical one, and we were right. It was hard-fought from beginning to end and was a good reference point for us.

What worked best in your defensive and offensive play during the game?

? On defence, we succeeded when we were able to get a lot of pressure when they had the disc near the sideline. On ofence, we each found a role that works well for us and just played a complete game from start to finish.

What was your biggest strength during the game?

? We thought our mental game and experience was our biggest strength during this game. Having played GB in the past, we felt ready for the game and it showed.

Did the match bring you any difficulties?

? Playing against teams you are familiar with is always challenging, especially when it’s a team that we played at the World Championships last year. They were obviously familiar with our play style and tactics, which made it harder for us.

Today while going up against Russia, France confidently reached out yet for another win. As a result they moved on to the upper pool. On the other spectrum of the pools, we’ve got Russia, who settled down for 3 loses just like Austria and Israel.

Down one minute, up the next | photo: Klara Lipertova

? Moving to power pools phase

Pool X
1. France ??
2. Germany ??
3. Great Britain ??
4. Sweden ??
5. Switzerland ??
6. Denmark ??

Pool Y
1. Italy ??
2. Belgium ??
3. Czech Republic ??
4. Ireland ??
5. Poland ??
6. Slovenia ??

Pool Z
1. Austria ??
2. Russia ??
3. Israel ??
4. Slovakia ??

In the first power pool games in the evening Belgium beat Poland in a fashioning style and Czech Republic won over Ireland. We will find out the quater-finalists of the division on Tuesday by the end of the day.

Best 4 teams from X and Y pools will qualify for playoffs ?

Cheerful celebrations can be spotted all around the venue | photo: Klara Lipertova

U20 Mixed – mix of styles

The mixed division might be the least represented one at EYUC 2019, but it doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. The division has seven teams, such as Czech, Hungary, Latvia, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and EUtopia.

the Netherlands vs Turkey

Out of the two teams, the Netherlands was the more confident and experienced one. They started with a zone defense in the slightly unforgiving wind. Earlier during the tournament, the Netherlands unexpectedly lost the game to the Spanish. With some minor mistakes at the beginning, the team took advantage of their opponent’s being less experienced.

Turkey had some difficulties when they played against the zone defense. Despite this, they bravely faced the Dutch. It’s worth to mention that this is the first Turkish youth U20 team and also first national team to play grass championships ever! Their coach Melih Geron mentioned that they’re here to learn and to have fun. During their games, you can spot them dancing on the sidelines. You might also meet them playing music in the dorm elevators. Such party starters! Is anyone up for challenging them for a dance-off?

Earlier that day, the Nederlands faced Spain and they lost suprisingly 10-13. We spoke to Mathijn Wassenburg a player from Dutch team:

The Spanish went through our zone defence like it was nothing. Their cheering also put a huge pressure on us. They went into our heads… Even though I got to say the game was very spirited from them.

That was not the only surprise today. Later on Spain suffered a loss to Hungary, as they couldn’t deal with their original zone D.

EUtopia may not be real country, but they really know how to have fun on the field | photo: Klara Lipertova

Latvia vs Hungary

With no hesitation, we can call Latvia’s and Hungary match as the game of the day in the Mixed division. Both teams didn’t suffer any loses in the previous games at EYUC. Up until now, that is. At this point, only one of them could come out victorious.

Latvia seemed very confident from the very beginning of the game and they finished the first half with comfortable score in their favor. Latvian coach Jānis “Janka” Bernāns told us during the game, that they figured out how Hungarian zone works, and unlike Spain they have no problems scoring against it. However in the second half Hungarian scored some breaks and went exited about it trying to move the momentum to their side, Latvia remained calm and finished the game of by a big margin.

One thing can be said about the Mixed division – they’ve got some bold throws that know no limits.

? Mixed U20 standings after day 3

1. Latvia ?? 4-0
2. Hungary ?? 3-1
3. Netherlands ?? 3-1
4. Spain ?? 2-2
5. EUtopia ?️‍? 2-2
6. Czech Republic ?? 0-4
7. Turkey 0-2 ?? 0-4

Fame in the frame – Monday edition

U17 Men’s

European Youth Ultimate Championship 2019 U17 men`s division also went to power pools phase:

Pool X
1. France ??
2. Slovakia ??
3. Belgium ??
4. Czech Republic ??
5. Israel ??
6. Sweden ??

Pool Y
1. Austria ??
2. Great Britain ??
3. Germany ??
4. Italy ??
5. Netherlands ??
6. Switzerland ??

Pool Z
1. Finland ??
2. Ireland ??
3. Poland ??
4. Slovenia ??

Best 4 teams from X and Y pools will qualify for playoffs ?

U20 Women’s

European Youth Ultimate Championship 2019 U20 women`s division standings after day 3 ?

Pool A
1. Austria ?? 3-0
2. Czech Republic ?? 3-0
3. Germany ?? 2-1
4. Great Britain ?? 1-2
5. Slovenia ?? 0-3
6. Ireland ?? 0-3

Pool B
1. France ?? 3-0
2. Sweden ?? 2-1
3. Italy ?? 2-1
4. Russia ?? 2-1
5. Israel ?? 0-3
6. Poland ?? 0-3

Believe till the grass | foto: Klara Lipertova

U17 Women’s

European Youth Ultimate Championship 2019 U17 women’s division round-robin group of 9 standings after day 3:

1. Hungary ?? 4-0
2. Czech Republic ?? 3-1
3. Italy ?? 3-1
4. France ?? 3-1
5. Germany ?? 3-1
6. Austria ?? 1-3
7. Great Britain ?? 1-3
8. Slovakia ?? 0-4
9. Netherlands ?? 0-4

? Day 3 highlights

There is much more going on than we’re able to describe. Check some highlights from Fanseat.

? Games to watch on Monday

If you can’t be in Wrocław and watch EYUC 2019, it’s ok. Fanseat crew is here to bring you high-quality live streams from all the games in Olympic Stadium.

9.10 am – ??? | U20 Men’s
11.10 am – Ireland vs Great Britain | U20 Women’s
1.10 pm – France vs Russia | U20 Women’s
3.10 pm – ??? | U20 Men’s
5.10 – ??? | U20 Men’s

✨ Workshops in chill zone

Apart from the games, the players can take part in everyday workshops. Today there was a chance to craft your dream catcher. Perhaps it could work as a lucky charm for the team? Another activity for the players is the Kajo Drums, where you can learn how to start a great party.

On Tuesday don’t forget your morning warm-up. The EYUC organizers made it easy for you. The yoga classes start at 11 am, so feel invited! At 1 pm you can visit the Chill Zone for some parkour to level up your Ultimate skills. At 3 pm make sure to show up for the Soap Bubbles Show. If you’re more into rhythmical stuff, the Chill Zone has it covered too! At 5 pm the Body Drumming workshops will take place!

Bravo everybody! | photo: Klara Lipertova
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